Current Services and Equipment

Drying services


We are providing drying services for growers with compliant state approved hemp crops in fall 2019 in California.  Our drying facility is in California's Central Valley.



This is a picture of a dehydrator that is being installed to dry hemp biomass to enable storage prior to processing

Artist Rendering


This is an Artist's rendering of the layout of the dehydration operation. After drying, the material is bale wrapped and sealed as noted in the following picture.

Baling Services


We will first dry your freshly harvested flower and leaf material, and compress it in a sealed bale that is weather-tight and resistant to intrusion from elements and pests.

Wrapping table


View of a bale being sealed and wrapped

Bale on a pallet ready for transport


  A compressed bale will take up much less space than loose material. This is a compressed 1,000lb bale, and is about 4ft diameter X 5ft tall.