Our Approach

The Solare Industrial Hemp Ecosystem (SIHE)

Explore Aligned Ownership, Partnerships and Strategic Relationships with:

  • Farmers
  • Extraction Technology Suppliers
  • Testing and monitoring Laboratories
  • Certified Seed Suppliers
  • Ecosystem processing equipment Suppliers
  • Value Added Technology companies
  • Research Institutions

This way, in our Eco-System everyone wins, the participants thrive in a prosperous and harmonious  environment

We are focusing on scale activities

  • Explore crop uses for scale production
  • Explore scaled fiber and hurd operations for use in textiles, building materials, composites & bio-plastics
  • Explore establishing the bar and continuously raise the bar for quality hemp based products at scale
  • Explore obtaining and developing new patented varietals for use in the ecosystem 

Technology plays a major role

  •  Explore using technology and precision agriculture to continuously optimize scale and quality levels.

Areas of Exploration


Industrial Hemp Research

We are working with several entities on exploring the viability of Industrial Hemp under  Section 297A of the AMS under the recently approved 2018 US Farm Bill as it affects California and other global markets.


Grain, and Oil feedstock

Our exploration includes the viability of grains, oils, and other feedstock from Industrial Hemp as allowed under  Section 297A of the AMS under the recently approved 2018 US Farm Bill 


Fiber, packaging, composites and advanced materials

We believe that there is great potential in the fiber and bio materials market around the globe as the increase in demand for eco friendly materials increases.  As such, we are exploring these markets as allowed under the Section 297A of the AMS under the recently approved 2018 US Farm Bill


Precision Agriculture

We are exploring the integration of precision agriculture in Industrial Hemp. We want to learn how to optimize crop yields and performance with technology.